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Whole Foods Social Media Program – Customer Engagement Game Changer

cregan   February 9, 2015

Organization Name:    Whole Foods Market Name of contact: Natanya Anderson, Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing Web References:  Whole Foods Market Description on how Social Media is used for business Performance: Social Media is creating a paradigm shift in the way companies are engaging with their customers. Prior to Social Media, companies controlled their customer interaction through channels… Read more »

Whole Foods Market – How Social Media is Influencing The Supply Chain

jeffdbaldwin   October 23, 2014

Title: Whole Foods Market – Using Social Media To Influence The Supply Chain Organization Name: Whole Foods Market Industry: Food, Supermarket    Name of Contact: John Mackey (Founder and CEO) Who Are They? Whole Foods Market is an American grocery retailer that specializes in providing natural and organic food options throughout their supermarket style stores. It currently has just shy of 400 stores located… Read more »