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TripAdvisor: Getting the Truth?

Dave Mazur   October 16, 2013

Customer engagement Very few social driven websites demonstrate the effects of customer engagement like TripAdvisor.com. This community based website features the results and ratings of consumer experiences at many Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Holiday package destinations. All of these reviews are online, for any potential traveler to see and review. With links to Facebook, Twitter and Travel Forums, it has… Read more »

Molson Coors Social Media Strategy Starts Bitter but has a Smooth Finish

Candace Berner-Rubie   October 15, 2013

It could be argued that consumer social media has become a bit of an art, with companies scrambling over all the social media chatter to be noticed and to engage their target markets in meaningful interactions and relationships. In Lauren McKay’s article “Transparency“, she argues that the adoption of social media by the corporate world “not only increases transparency, but… Read more »

Social Media in Supply at Lockheed Martin

barryrooke   June 18, 2013

Global security’s and aerospace designer Lockheed Martin pride themselves as a leader in innovation as driven by its staff and partners.  With over 118,000 employees in more then 75 countries, connecting ideas to the people that can make it happen is critical to the success of the company.  The result is the Lockheed Martin’s social media initiative “Supplier Wire” program, which… Read more »

Applebee’s “Social Media Meltdown”

anguyen44   February 11, 2013

A sad tale of employee involvement through social media came when an Applebee’s employee shared with the world a receipt from a customer who wrote “I give God 10% why do you get 18”. Web Source: NBC News www.nbcnews.com/business/applebees-social-media-faux-pas-learning-experience-1B8251556 Applebee’s social media strategy was poorly handled. One source says the “Applebee’s commits ‘social media suicide’”.  The posting went viral through… Read more »

Social Media – A Natural Fit for Stonyfield Farm

Jenn Spencer   June 29, 2011

  Organisation Name: Stonyfield Farm Industry: Organic Food  Description of how social media is used for business performance: Stonyfield Farm is an organic yogurt and dairy producer located in the United States. Originally founded in 1983 as an organic farming school, Stonyfield Farm generated about $300 million in revenue in 2007 and its yogurt became the number one selling organic yogurt  and… Read more »

Radical Transparency or Radical Opacity – Social Media and the Search for Corporate Transparency

ddawkins   June 24, 2011

 “You can’t hide anything anymore”… well according to Don Tapscott, the co-author of The Naked Corporation (a book about corporate transparency) you can’t, or can you? In this growing age of Social Media many companies see an opportunity to promote better relationships with their customers (be more transparent) while others, understandably, have concerns about the information that has the potential… Read more »