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9 years ago, when I first joined in L’Oréal Group as a PR professional, what I saw my Marketing colleagues doing was paying media, buying advertisement and telling consumers who we are. Today, as consumers turn to social media to seek out beauty secrets, the industry is signing faces for their followings, not just their fame. (Why big beauty brands are courting social media stars) There won’t be any doubt to a marketer that run your social media campaign like your traditional media campaign and you’re likely to see more damage to your brand reputation than benefit and you’ll waste a lot of money doing it. (16 Differences Between Traditional Media and Social Networking)

Not using social media? You’re the next Robinson Crusoe

alexis klein   March 3, 2015

Organization Name: Marketers on Demand Inc. Industry: Recruiting Industry Name of contact if available: Marcie Pollack, President Web references: Marketers on Demand Inc. Not so long ago (going back just a few years), marketing departments used to rely on traditional media channels to actively promote a service or a good – which is to say radio, TV and print. Enter… Read more »