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Elemica Helps You Achieve Supply Chain Excellence

Paige Mahoney-Nagle   February 23, 2015

To succeed in the future and better their supply chain, businesses need to move away from “the way we’ve always done things” mentality and towards innovative practices to connect, automate and improve interactions between all parts of the supply chain. Elemica is one company that is leading the way specifically for process industry manufacturers but also should be taken as an… Read more »

Social Supply Chain – Technology or Innovation First

cregan   February 23, 2015

Organization Name:  TEVA Canada Limited Industry:  Pharmaceutical Name of contact: Doug Sommerville, Senior Vice President and General Manager, TEVA Canada Limited Web References:  TEVA Canada Limited; TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Limited; Fronetics Strategic Advisers; Adelante SCM; Chainlink Research Description on how Social Media is used for Business Performance: I recently attended a presentation about the evolution of ski racing in the last 30 years. … Read more »