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Social Media has proven to be a great tool that companies can use to research their target market. Traditional market research can be expensive, but with social media companies can now reach out to a vast audience for feedback and opinions. The benefits of using social media to gather information include low/no cost, instant results, and simultaneously creating another channel of communication with customers that make them feel valued. One downside is of course the potential for customers to provide negative feedback on something as public as Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, but negative feedback is still very valuable if not more valuable than the positive.

Doritos – From Global to Universal

Terry   October 16, 2014

Organization: Pepsico Inc.;   and  Frito-Lay North America, Inc.   Forbes Lists #40 World’s Most Valuable Brands Industry:  Food, Snack, Grocery Web References:  www.fritolay.com; www.doritos.com; en.wikipedia.org Product Development: New Trends     Frito-Lay America, Inc. is a the forefront of Product Development and Crowdsourcing today.  Using every social media tool at hand they are continually engaging the consumer for their opinions and interactions…. Read more »

Oreo Is A Creative Cookie

nnn   July 4, 2013

Oreo is a well known cookie brand which instills in its customers, a need to twist it apart or dunk it in milk. But Oreo,  the brand is also a social media dynamo. 32M+ on Facebook 82K+ on Twitter 87K+ on Instagram 14M+ on YouTube Over the past several months, Marketers at Oreo have been generating a lot of buzz about their cookies by using… Read more »