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The Stratford Festival in Stratford Ontario is the king of customer engagement! When you think of the people that flock to Stratford every year to see the theatre it is amazing.  Stratford Ontario has a population of 32,000 people, but in the summer that number will swell to almost a three quarters of a million people, why you ask?  The Stratford Festival of course! Tom Patterson first built the Stratford Festival in October 31,1952. Mr. Patterson saw a need to revitalize the city of Stratford after acknowledging the loss of the steam powered railway. The city of Stratford was facing a horrible ending unless something happened to keep it alive. Mr. Patterson also was an avid theatre goer who cherished Shakespearean plays. Since Stratford had the name of the birthplace of William Shakespeare, it made sense to open a Stratford Festival Theatre in Stratford Ontario. The first performance of Richard III and All’s Well That Ends Well took place in July 1953 and the Stratford Festival was born!

The Social Media Stage is Set: How the Stratford Festival Involves Employees by Cultivating Fun

Jason   June 5, 2014

Organisation Name: Stratford Festival Industry: Theatre Name of Contact: Aaron George, Social Marketing Coordinator Web References: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube If you want to get people involved, you have to make it fun!  Aaron George, Social Media Coordinator at the Stratford Festival, sees the connection.  He has a laser focus on his social media goals and told me, “company members and employees… Read more »