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Social media’s impact on direct sales’ supply chain

ekastner   October 22, 2015

Title of post: Social media’s impact on Direct Sales’ supply chain Organization: Steeped Tea Industry: Direct Sales CEO: Tonia Jahshan Web references: Logistics Viewpoint, Supply Chain 24/7, The Canadian Business Journal, Direct Selling Association, Fast Company, Supply Chain Opz, Facebook, Social media has been widely used in general business for marketing, but we are starting to see an increase in… Read more »

Budnitz + Bicycles + Basecamp = Brilliant!

PaulaSinton   June 24, 2015

      Founder: Paul Budnitz Industry: Bicycle Manufacturing Website: Budnitz Bicycles This weeks’ blog topic  ‘Supply Chain Management’ couldn’t be further from my past work experience or for that matter – current abilities. In the entertainment business, we have a supply chain management system but it is more along the lines of ‘project’ or ‘event’ management.  We are asked to… Read more »

Don’t Fear, Social Supply Chain Management is…Almost…Here!

Nicole Schmidt   October 30, 2013

The supply chain is, by definition, a set of companies or individuals that work together to create and deliver a product along its many processes from the supplier to the customer. Social media increases the potential for collaboration vastly through a plethora of network tools.” -Steve Nicholls Traditionally, social media has been used for business-to-consumer (B2C) interaction and engagement, which… Read more »