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Arbonne International and Social Media Marketing

tinageisel   March 2, 2015

Organization Name: Arbonne International Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness Contact: Kay Napier, CEO Arbonne International Web References: Arbonne International About Arbonne: Arbonne is a 34 year old Swiss Health and Wellness company committed to providing safe, environmentally friendly botanically based wellness products. Founded in 1980 and based in Irvine, California. The company markets its products in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the… Read more »

Stryve Digital Marketing measures metrics beyond the numbers

cmuss   March 1, 2015

Organisation name: Stryve Digital Marketing Industry: Marketing Contact: Sourov De, President Web References: Stryve Marketing Description of how social media is used for business performance  Stryve Digital Marketing, (Stryve), is expertly harnessing marketing opportunities made available because of digital technology. Sourov De, President of Stryve, says his team is passionate about what they do, and succeeds by providing results-driven services… Read more »

Social Media Karma: The case of Justin Kozuch

cismodes   February 26, 2015

Posted on February 27, 2015 By Christian Ismodes & Dolores Montavez Organization Name: Justin Kozuch Industry: Philanthropist and Toronto-based technology reporter Name of Contact: @jkozuch The recent tragic death of 3 year old Elijah Marsh is something that has deeply touched us all in Toronto. As soon as the news of this sad incident broke out, Toronto-based technology reporter Justin… Read more »

The New Quarterly tools social media for supply chain

cmuss   February 22, 2015
TNQ-logo-master (1)

Organisation name: The New Quarterly: Canadian Writers & Writing Industry: Publishing Contact: Pamela Mulloy, Editor Sophie Blom, Managing Editor Web References: The New Quarterly Description of how social media is used for business performance The New Quarterly is an award-winning Canadian literary magazine located in Waterloo, ON. For over 30 years The New Quarterly has been publishing fiction and poetry by… Read more »

Big Data and Supply Chain Management @ Walmart

socialmed_ia   February 21, 2015

Organization Name: Walmart Industry: Retail Big data is a big issue nowadays. Everybody likes to talk about it, but not many really understand its meaning. I used to hold the opinion that big data is just another type of data, and therefore does not deserve a specific reference. I still think so… but certainly agree that big data is a… Read more »

McDonald’s Burgers are Multilingual

cismodes   February 13, 2015

Posted on February 13, 2015 By Christian Ismodes & Dolores Montavez Organization Name: McDonald’s Industry: Fast food restaurant company Name of Contact: Don Thompson Web References: www.mcdonalds.ca Techniques, such as crowdsourcing, have gained momentum as companies look outside their corporate walls in search for new innovative product ideas. Social media  tools are being used by product managers and designers not… Read more »

#NYTsnow is the best show

socialmed_ia   February 10, 2015

Organization name: New York Times Industry: News Web references: New York Times January 26, 2015; New York City and area prepare for heavy snowstorm to hit within hours. The storm is expected to shut down the city, and people are getting ready for a “snow day”. At this time, a great idea was developed by Matt Flegenheimer , a New… Read more »

What’s Behind Whole Foods Market Social Media Strategy

tmacmillan   February 8, 2015

Title: What’s Behind Whole Foods Market Social Media Strategy Organization Name: Whole Foods Market Industry: Grocery Retail Name of Contact: John Mackey, CEO Web References:  Whole Foods Market, Mashable About Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Market originated  in 1980 in Austin, Texas and currently operates over 360 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. I myself, worked as a… Read more »

The Beat Goes On Taking In-Store Customer Engagement to Social Media

cmuss   February 8, 2015

Organisation Name: The Beat Goes On Industry: Retail Name of Contact: David Black,Field Operative & Social Media Manager Web references: The Beat Goes On Description of how social media is used for business performance The Beat Goes On has been selling used and new CDs, DVDs and video games since 1991. Headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, The Beat Goes On has… Read more »

Customer Personas: How ASOS rocks the urban scene and Benetton mixes a message to engage

tmatulis   February 8, 2015

Organisation Name: ASOS Industry: Online fashion retail Web references: http://www.asos.com London –based ASOS is a global on-line fashion player that targets urban 20-something customers.  ASOS aims to be the ‘hub of a thriving fashion community’.  Their numbers are impressive – over 80,000 branded and own-brand products shipped from warehouses in the UK, US, Europe and China to almost every country in… Read more »

Take Flight with American Airlines

Dolores Montavez Ruz   February 6, 2015

Posted on February 6, 2015 by: Dolores Montavez & Christian Ismodes Organization Name: American Airlines. Industry: Airline Name of contact:  Doug Parker Web References:www.americanairlines.com American Airlines Gets Social Media Right From a business perspective, social media allows a company to extend its reach, gain visibility and build meaningful relationships with customers worldwide. Darren Booth In this video Jonathan Pierce, Director… Read more »

ChickAdvisor Engages Community with the Multi-Voice Social Media Approach

cmuss   February 1, 2015

Organisation Name: ChickAdvisor Inc. Industry: Online Product Reviews/Brand Advocacy Name of Contact: Ali de Bold, Co-Founder Web references: chickadvisor.com Description of how social media is used for business performance ChickAdvisor is a product review and brand advocacy website. In their own words, “ChickAdvisor is about helping you make better purchasing decisions on everything from electronics to electrolysis.” In its ninth… Read more »

Taylor Swift’s Social Media Marketing parties like it’s 1989

RBarrett   November 11, 2014
Taylor Swift

Organization Name: Taylor Swift, Recording Artist Industry: Entertainment Web references: Taylor Swift Official Website Forming a bond with fans in the future will come in the form of constantly providing them with the element of surprise. – Taylor Swift, Recording Artist Who is she? Taylor Swift has become one of the leading music artists in the world. She has been… Read more »

St. Andrew’s College Brings Tradition into the Future with Social Media Marketing

Jen Norris   November 10, 2014

Organization: St. Andrew’s College Industry: Education Contact: Nicolette Fleming, Communications Officer   What’s trending in Aurora; the new St. Andrew’s College La Brier Arena. I have a son who lives for Hockey and he is in awe thinking about a school that has its own hockey arena. It’s not just a hockey arena, it’s a $13 Million state of the… Read more »

Pinterest for Business: The Rising Social Media Juggernaut To Take On Facebook and Twitter Social Media For Business.

chrgomes   November 6, 2014
Pinterest For Business

Organization Name: Pinterest.com Industry: Advertisement/Brand Marketing/Social Media Platform Web References: http://www.pinterest.com/, http://business.pinterest.com/ Description of how social media is used for business performance: Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, curate, and discover new interests by visual posting, also known as “pinning” images or videos to their own or others’ pin boards on the Pinterest website. Since the… Read more »

Loblaws is Listening to Canadians

Jen Norris   October 20, 2014

Organization: Loblaws Industry: Retail Loblaws is Developing Products that Consumers are Talking About When I was a kid we sat down at the dinner table for Thanksgiving, said grace and ate. After dinner we sat around chatting and played a game of cards. Things sure have changed. In the age of social media, we sit down to a Thanksgiving meal… Read more »

Cautious ‘toe dip’ pays off: employee engagement through social media at TransAlta

Helene Montpetit   October 7, 2014

Company: Contacts : Julie Turgeon, Development and Construction Manager and Stacey Hatcher, Manager Communications Industry: Energy Description: Beginning as a small, local power company in 1909, TransAlta has grown into an experienced and well respected power generator and wholesale marketer of electricity. With approximately $3 billion in annual revenue, more than $9 billion in assets, and power plants in Canada,… Read more »

Ford’s #FiestaMovement Going Viral

emilievandijk   July 11, 2014

Organization Name: Ford Motors Industry: Vehicle Name of Contact: Raymond F. Day, Group Vice President, Communications From May to November of 2009, 100 people were carefully chosen by Ford, because of their influential status throughout their social media platforms, were given the 2011 Ford Fiesta. For 6 months these “agents” were told to post on blogs, videos on YouTube, photos on Instagram and Flikr… Read more »

Up, up and away – Westjet

skodis   July 9, 2014

Organization Name:         Westjet     Industry:      Commercial Airline Name of contact if available: N/A Web references:  Westjet Description of how social media is used for business performance Have you ever just settled nicely into your seat on the aircraft, ready for a relaxing five hour flight to Vancouver, when the adorable child in the seat behind you decided to use… Read more »

Davishill Nursery: Everything is Coming Up “Kittens!”

Jason   July 2, 2014

  Organization Name: Davishill Nursery Industry: Garden Centre / Nursery Name of Contact: Jeff Davis, Owner Davishill Nursery has had a website for many years and recently planted the seed of social media.  It started with a Facebook entry. As you can see, it was a shot of some bright blossoms in Walkerton, Ontario. Voila, just like that, Davishill Nursery’s Facebook… Read more »

Engaging with Gen C – Clients and Customers

Leslie Wilson   June 11, 2014

Industry:  Contract Food and Support Services Name of contact:  Leslie Wilson, VP Marketing Gen C is a powerful new force in culture and commerce. Sixty-five percent are under 35 but they span the generations, empowered by technology to search out authentic content that they consume across all platforms and all screens, whenever and wherever they want. They can be difficult… Read more »

Southwest Employees Go Nuts with Social Media

allimaho   June 5, 2014

Organization Name: Southwest Airlines Industry: Airline/Transportation Name of Contact: N/A Web references:  Blog ; YouTube; Twitter; flickr; Pinterest; Instagram ; RSS Feed As organizations strive to increase brand recognition with their stakeholders they often forget one of their biggest assets – their employees! Well, Southwest Airlines hasn’t forgot. Starting in 2006, Southwest Airlines launched their social media blog campaign, “Nuts… Read more »

The Future Of Social Media Is In The Word…Social!

LyndseyEhgoetz   November 20, 2013

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller When I sat down to think about what I thought the future of social media will be; I thought about what needs to be done in order to have a successful Social Media Strategy.  The real fact of the matter is; the future is in the… Read more »

University Recruitment: The Social Media Avenue

Paul Reifenstein   November 20, 2013

Marketing and universities go hand in hand.  As much as students feel that post secondary education is part of their natural life path, there are so many options for them to choose from when that time in their life comes, that marketing the university or college experience has become quite a competition.  It makes sense though with university and college… Read more »