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Peeling the Skin of Social Media

yoshdrp   March 16, 2015

Title: Peeling the Skin of Social Media Organisation Name: SkinPhotoTextMatch Inc. Industry: Healthcare Name of contact if available: Howard Green, CEO and Founder Web References: SkinPhotoTextMatch Inc. Home About The Company; The E-interview with SkinPhotoTextMatch Inc.’s  CEO and Founder, Dr. Howard Green What is SkinPhotoTextMatch Inc all about? Skinphototextmatch, Inc. is all about educating both professionals and lay people about their skin. “Know Skin… Read more »

Nivea’s Invisible Black and White – Social Media Synergy

cregan   February 16, 2015

Organization Name:    Beiersdorf – Nivea Brand Name of contact:   Beiersdorf  CEO – Stefan Heidenreich Web References: Beiersdorf; Beiersdorf Canada; Nivea Description on how Social Media is used for business Performance: Companies know that they must continue to develop innovative products to keep pace with their competition.  Their goal is to find the next product innovation that will revolutionize their marketplace as Apple has… Read more »