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Social Innovation & Social Media

Siddiqi   October 5, 2015

Title of Post: Social Innovation & Social Media Organisation Name: The Centre for Social Innovation Industry: Coworking, Business Acceleration; Community Building Name of Contact: Barnabe Geis, Communications Architect CEO: Tonya Surman Web references: Centre for Social Innovation; Wikipedia; Toronto Twitter; NYC Twitter; Youtube; Facebook; LinkedIn; LKR Social Media The Centre for Social Innovation 11 years ago, when Web 2.0 was just emerging and the phrase “social media” hadn’t… Read more »

Build it and they will come. Better yet, listen and they tell you how to build it.

obmolap   February 25, 2013

Move over traditional marketing, there’s a not so new kid in town. Once upon a time we were influenced to buy the products with the best TV and print ads, or those endorsed by the most popular celebrities. Those tactics are now just a few components, if at all a part of a larger marketing strategy. Today, if Suzie and… Read more »