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Tsu, You, and a Niche in the Future of Social Media

Paul   July 14, 2015
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Title of Post: Tsu, You, and a Niche in the Future of Social Media Name of Organization: Tsu Industry: Social Network CEO: Sebastian Sobczak Web references: tsu  hootsuite  Op Talk NY Times  Ryan Holmes On August 8th, 2014, U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken had ruled that blocking NCAA athletes from a share of revenue generated from the use of player images was in violation of anti-trust… Read more »

Hootsuite – Setting Users Up for Social Media Success

Alicia Bedard   March 1, 2015

Organization Name: Hootsuite Industry: Software Name of Contact if Available: Gus Fosarolli – Customer Success Manager, Hootsuite Web references: Hootsuite, TechCrunch Description of How Social Media is Used for Business Performance I’ve been working in marketing for the past seven years. Really? Really. A lot has changed in seven years. I remember when I graduated from college and took on… Read more »

Hootsuite is “Hooting” for Social Media

Kelly   July 1, 2014

Organization Name: Hootsuite Industry: Social Media Analytics Name of CEO: Ryan Holmes Description of how social media is used in business performance: As social media can prove to be a strong, useful tool in a developing company, one has to be sure of its exact impact. When using social media to promote your product or company, you have to make… Read more »