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“Unileveraging” sustainable products

yoshdrp   February 16, 2015

Title of Post: “Unileveraging” sustainable products Organisation Name: Unilever Global Industry: Home products Name of Contact: N/A Web References:                                      Unilever U-Partner Open Innovation Submission Portal Open Innovation; Behind the Buzz Word Source: https://unilevernetwork.com/imgs/media/Image/About%20Unilever.jpg As of 6:34 pm on the 15th of February 2015, worldometers… Read more »

Crowd Sourcing: A Quirky new path for Entrepreneurs

a2miller   October 21, 2012

We have all had that great idea for a product or a service that will revolutionize our world but 99.9% of us don’t do anything about it. In the past the reason so many of these ideas wouldn’t develop is because of a lack of access. An idea is just an idea, for a successful entrepreneur they require design skills,… Read more »