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I am not an avid social media user.  Sure I have my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram personal and business accounts which I update and browse a couple times a week but only if time permits.  There are users however who spends hours upon hours site surfing, tweeting, snap chatting or blogging their way into the hearts of many.  It is because of this influx of social media activity that many companies changed their business strategies and took to the web to research and design their products.  I am aware of companies utilizing various platforms for customer engagement and its employees or perhaps even promoting their range of products on line through various social media campaigns, but putting your faith in customers to help innovate and design your products seems a bit risky to me.  There are companies who have jumped on the bandwagon and have gained much success in their product innovation cycle, but there are also companies that have suffered greatly from it.  So the million dollar question is should companies put their trust in such a process if it could lead to their downfall?  Is there a way to strategically use social media for product development and design? One such company that should have done things a little differently,  in my opinion is Quirky. Who is Quirky you ask? I had no idea until I accidentally stumbled upon them in an article by blogger Leena Rao.  Leena informs us, “Quirky, which is brainchild of serial entrepreneur Ben Kaufman (he’s behind mophie and kluster), is a platform for product ideas… the site tries to use crowd sourcing to develop the product, by engaging participants in collaborating on every aspect of product creation – from ideation, design, naming, manufacturing, marketing, to sales.”