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Does Social Media Usage improve employee productivity & tenure

nnn   May 30, 2013

A recent study by¬†Evolv, a startup data analytics company, revealed employees who actively used 1-4 social networking sites on a weekly basis stayed longer in their jobs than those who didn’t use sites at all. The study also showed Customer Care Departments and Call Centre employees engaging in 1-4 social networking sites were found to have better sales numbers &… Read more »

Thinking About Social Media Strategy in the Workplace

Carrie   May 29, 2013

The US economy takes a $370 Billion hit from over 70% of employees, that are actively or passively disengaged with their work. There are tools that exist which are specifically geared to engage employees internally in social media, with one of the popular ones being Yammer. The goal with all of these [tools] is to give people a voice, a… Read more »