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If you’re like me and a fan of the television show Big Brother Canada, you were undoubtedly excited when it returned earlier this month for its fifth season. One thing they changed up however, was the live show following the eviction. In the past, the evicted house guest was interviewed on stage by the show’s host Arisa Cox and former house guests Peter Brown and Gary Levy. This year however, the format has changed and viewers are now asked to watch ‘After the Eviction’ live on Facebook. Every day when I scroll through my Facebook feed I notice at least one Facebook Live video posted by someone I follow. Whether it’s an acquaintance who as has begun using the social media platform to try and make a name for them self in the fitness community, or someone who has attended a concert and wanted everyone to get a glimpse into the show by posting their favourite song as it’s being played – live streaming appears to be here to stay.

Meerkat: And We’re Live!

psegura   July 16, 2015

Organisation Name:               Meerkat   Industry:                                      Entertainment   Name of Contacts:                    Ben Rubin C.E.O.   Web References:                       Meerkat, Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook   Description of how social media is used for business performance  Click. Wearing a blue athletic jacket and black… Read more »

Skyscanner Markets “Now” With Periscope

Paul   July 6, 2015

Title of Post: Skyscanner Markets “Now” With Periscope Organization Name: Skyscanner Industry: Travel/Web Search CEO: Gareth Williams Web references: skyscanner Periscope PeriscopeLearning entrepreneur.com exchangemagazine.com A Video Blog (produced by P. Baumgartner)   Lessons for others: 1. Constantly scan for latest social media platforms. 2. Speed to market gets you secondary “buzz”, i.e. trade & media 3. Experiment, measure and learn. 4. Leverage your fans and supporters…. Read more »