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Staying in business for many years is not an easy task, especially for a small business. One has to constantly adjust, change, compromise and be ready for the unexpected, while doing clever advertising and marketing. A small business has to be extremely careful with its financial resources, as one wrong decision might jeopardize your entire existence. Glenn Pattison, owner of Clean-State Painting has managed to stay in business for almost three decades. He went through a number of metamorphosis during those years. The company started off with carpet cleaning, moved then to house painting and is now specializing in kitchen cabinet painting. For the last three years he has had a workshop in Waterloo, Ontario, while before he was just working out of his garage. “There was no need for a workshop, we mostly drove to people’s homes and worked there. I just needed a storage place for my equipment.”, he says. But since the business switched to kitchen cabinet painting, he needed actual work space. He still drives to people homes, but the kitchen doors and drawers get spruced up in the shop.

Crock a Doodle Doo!

skodis   June 25, 2014

Organization Name:         Crock a Doodle Inc.         Industry:      Pottery Painting Studio Name of contact if available:    Annette Brennan, President and Founder Web references: Crock a Doodle Inc.    Description of how social media is used for business performance To quote Wikipedia “A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in… Read more »