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From minor alterations, to complete start-to-finish designs, as many as 30% of online shoppers see value in being able to customize products to their liking (Bain Insights, 2013). Co-creation is not a new concept, but with the growth of social media platforms, companies are now more connected than ever to their customers.

Making The Next Oreo Cookie

FBatarse   October 29, 2015

Organization Name: Oreo (The Kraft Heinz Company) Industry: Biscuits & Snacks Web references: Oreo, Business Today, Forbes, China Business Review Social Media & Business Performance OREO has always involved its customers with product development. In fact, it’s in their DNA! That’s how the product has expanded into the international baked goods market, with continued YOY (Year-over-Year) growth. Customer engagement with… Read more »

Oreo Cookies are ‘Dunking’ into Social Media Marketing

Rosanna_D   November 10, 2014

Organization Name: Nabisco Industry: Snack Foods Web references:  http://www.oreo.com/ When I was doing my research on companies who use social media marketing really well, one corporate brand in particular kept popping up in the ‘top ten’ – Oreo cookies.  I was intrigued and dug a little deeper. To my surprise, here’s a staple product that has been around for generations,… Read more »

What Does it Take for Your Social Business to Succeed?

John Andrade   October 16, 2013

Jeff Matt, owner of Victory Auto Service and Glass, located in the suburbs of Minneapolis, developed a thriving Facebook page with over 60% female fans, by developing personal relationships and trust, thinking like a customer, being friendly, and promoting the community.  In three years he opened three new locations.  How can other companies, big or small, replicate his Social Business success?… Read more »

Oreo Is A Creative Cookie

nnn   July 4, 2013

Oreo is a well known cookie brand which instills in its customers, a need to twist it apart or dunk it in milk. But Oreo,  the brand is also a social media dynamo. 32M+ on Facebook 82K+ on Twitter 87K+ on Instagram 14M+ on YouTube Over the past several months, Marketers at Oreo have been generating a lot of buzz about their cookies by using… Read more »