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Netflix is one of the most successful subscription services in the world, 5.2 million customers in Canada.  Netflix not only is winning with customer engagement through its content on its services but their “Suggestions for you” their strategy of how they have engaged their customers at a level never-before-seen.The U.S. Facebook Page is a mix of videos, gifs and occasionally images, all related to the currently streaming episodes and movies.

What Does it Take for Your Social Business to Succeed?

John Andrade   October 16, 2013

Jeff Matt, owner of Victory Auto Service and Glass, located in the suburbs of Minneapolis, developed a thriving Facebook page with over 60% female fans, by developing personal relationships and trust, thinking like a customer, being friendly, and promoting the community.  In three years he opened three new locations.  How can other companies, big or small, replicate his Social Business success?… Read more »

Netflix fails to communicate on Facebook

Kathryn   February 13, 2012

Organization name: Netflix Description of social media disaster:  When Netflix announced it was raising its rates and changing its service, customers began using the Netflix Facebook wall to voice their unhappiness. Instead of using this as an opportunity to discuss with customers about upcoming changes, or to answer the concerns and complaints with clear explanations, Netflix simply answered with one ‘Thank… Read more »