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NASA’s Crowdsourcing Is Out Of This World.

David_Pearson   October 18, 2015

Company: NASA Industry: Government Web References: NASA, NASA Solve, Twitter, Facebook   NASA in the 21st Century 2015 is a very big year for NASA.  Between missions to Mars, images from Pluto, landing probes on comets and seemingly daily breakthroughs in the search for extraterrestrial life – it is an exciting time to be a science and space exploration fan…. Read more »

Social Media, like Rock and Roll, is here to stay!

Tracey Pearce-Dawson   November 18, 2014
Social media image

While communications experts in the realm of social media each have their own unique perspective on the future of social media, one thing is certain. Social media today is in its early infancy. I equate it (albeit loosely) to the NASA space program. While we’ve achieved much, there are worlds yet to be discovered. And that’s exciting. To understand where… Read more »