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Put the CHCHing back in your wallet!

skodis   June 11, 2014

Organization Name: CHCH Industry: TV Broadcasting Name of contact if available: Kimberly Lamontagne,Marketing Coordinator – Social Media & Viewer Relations   Description of how social media is used for business performance CHCH started broadcasting in Hamilton Ontario in 1954.  This TV station has produced more original news programming than any other local television station in North America. One of their… Read more »

Social TV & Viewer Loyalty App – Get Paid to Watch TV!

taracb   November 19, 2012

As countless studies have shown, the majority of TV viewers are multitasking online.  Viewers are now communicating on various social media platforms while they tune into their favourite show’s through Tablets, Smart Phones and Laptops. Viggle, a free app, now pays you for the multitasking that many of us have already come accustomed to.  Viggle is a loyalty program that… Read more »