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The Software Supply Chain: Conquered by Slack

michaelaris   February 22, 2015

Organization Name: Slack Name of Contacts: Stewart Butterfield, Founder, Slack – @stewart Industry: Enterprise Social Networking Web references: Slack – @slackhq  FooPlugins – @FooPlugins Company Overview: Slack is a team communication tool created in 2013 by the co-founder of Flickr, Scott Butterfield. After he left Flickr/Yahoo in 2008, he co-founded an online game company, Tiny Speck. During their developments they found themselves… Read more »

SLeak Social Media Management Tries to Anticipate The Conversation

SLeak   July 17, 2014

Organization Name:  SLeak Social Media Management Industry: Social Media Management Name of contact if available: Shannon Leak, Social Media Manager Web references For SLeak SMM: facebook Twitter Website Description of how social media is used for business performance: I remember being 13 years old running home from school so I could use the Internet before my parents came home. I… Read more »