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In North America, many employees are disconnected and disengaged from their work, making them less productive. When an employee is engaged in their work, they are more focused and motivated, allowing companies to stay ahead of their competition. Internal social media platforms for employees to stay up to speed have become increasingly favoured in organizations and this will only continue to increase.  

It is no secret to major brands that consumers’ faith towards regular brand messaging is decreasing. According to Erik Qualman from http://www.socialnomics.net/, 90% of consumers trust peer-to-peer brand recommendations, as opposed to 14% of consumers who trust advertisers. Brands now know that their employees are their best spokespeople on social media. The “State of the Global Workplace Report” reveals that 40% of engaged employees cite their company’s social media communication as the source for keeping informed on important news But how can companies get their employees involved on social media?

GeoLodges Uganda: Using social media to win a national branding award and its rewards to employees

mle23   October 15, 2014

Organization: GeoLodges Uganda Industry: Tourism /Hospitality – Safari lodges Name of contact: Emily Wissanji (Director) Web References: GeoLodges website, GeoLodges FaceBook page , GeoLodges Twitter page In 2012, GeoLodges Uganda won the received the award of being one of the top 50 branded companies in Uganda. How was it done? A well-established social media campaign and most importantly the opportunity to show… Read more »