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EMC Benefits From “Jive Talkin'”

Bettycoop   June 17, 2015

Organization Name: EMC2 Industry: Software Development and IT Solutions Web References: emc.com jivesoftware.com, github.com, facebook.com twitter.com, Forbes Magazine   EMC was founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino in Massachusetts. They developed the 64 KB chip memory board for Print Computer Inc. In 1985, they were the first to ship memory upgrades with 1 megabite of RAM – exciting at… Read more »

The Software Supply Chain: Conquered by Slack

michaelaris   February 22, 2015

Organization Name: Slack Name of Contacts: Stewart Butterfield, Founder, Slack – @stewart Industry: Enterprise Social Networking Web references: Slack – @slackhq  FooPlugins – @FooPlugins Company Overview: Slack is a team communication tool created in 2013 by the co-founder of Flickr, Scott Butterfield. After he left Flickr/Yahoo in 2008, he co-founded an online game company, Tiny Speck. During their developments they found themselves… Read more »

Built Together, Built Better with GitHub

michaelaris   February 15, 2015

Organization name: GitHub Name of Contacts: Tom Preston-Werner, Co-Founder and Former President, GitHub Chris Wanstrath, Co-Founder and CEO, GitHub PJ Hyett, Co-Founder and COO, GitHub Industry: Code Sharing Network – Social Networking Site for Programmers Web references: GitHub  – @GitHub Twitter – @Twitter  Mark Otto – @mdo Jacob Thornton – @fat Company Overview College drop out, Chris Wanstrath began development of GitHub in October of 2007. By… Read more »