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Traditionally, Black Friday is a day for consumers to spend mad amounts of money on discounted wares. More and more in recent years, there are videos and phone captures of in-store fights, parking lot brawls, and general retail unpleasantness. But one company decided that there had to be a better different way. Cards Against Humanity, everyone’s favourite “party game for horrible people,” has spent the past three Black Fridays requesting that their customers pay a price increase or donate their money to the game’s creators. Though this is a clearly unconventional request, their customers passionately and quickly respond, giving their funds freely. Let’s look at how a start-up has not only turned their consumers into passionate product advocates, but also into willing financial contributors who receive little, if not nothing, in return.    

Can you hear the Monsters singing?

skodis   June 19, 2014

Organization Name:         Big Blue Bubble Inc. Industry:      Game Developers  Name of contact if available:    Claudette Critchley, COO Web references: Big Blue Bubble  Description of how social media is used for business performance In June 2014 the Profit 500  ranked a small London based firm, Big Blue Bubble Inc. (BBB), as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. BBB,… Read more »