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On the day I read the content of this case study I had a nasty headache. As I reached for my bottle of Tylenol I wondered how does the manufacturing  industry use social media and the resulting supply chain management ?  Having close relatives in this industry and for confidentiality reasons I decided to look into the manufacturing/vendor side as opposed to discussing a large well-known pharmaceutical company.  What I learned at this level of this industry was it has various levels of complexities of graphs, processes and disconnected communications.

LinkedIn Offers a New Way To Look At Employment

gerrycall   March 16, 2012

Organization Name: Linked In (from an article in ‘The Economist” Magazine, March 10, 2012, page 78) Industry: Social Networks Web references: http://www.linkedin.com/ Description of how social media is used for business performance: Official statistics can tell you how many workers were jobless last month, how many had college degrees and how many worked in construction. But they cannot tell you… Read more »