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Social Media and Employee Engagement: The Starbucks Example

tinageisel   February 1, 2015

Organization Name: Starbucks Corporation (Starbucks Coffee) Industry: Coffeehouse Name of contact if available: Howard Schultz, CEO Web references: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2010/06/14/starbucks-and-the-4-keys-to-social-media-engagement/ Who Are They? Basically you’d have to be living under a rock if you have not heard of Starbucks. But sadly if you have, Starbucks Corporation, more commonly known as Starbucks Coffee, is an American coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington… Read more »

Unbottling Coca-Cola’s Employee Engagement Strategies

katewilson   February 1, 2015

Title of Post: Unbottling Coca-Cola’s Employee Engagement Strategies Organization Name: Coca-Cola Industry: Beverage Name of Contact: N/A Web references: www.coca-colacompany.com Who they are: The Coca-Cola Company is an American multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer, retailer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. The company is ranked as one of the worlds top ten private employers with over 700,000 system employees in more… Read more »

The hidden benefit of social media use by Coca-Cola’s employees

socialmed_ia   January 30, 2015

Organization Name: Coca-Cola Industry: Beverages Web References: http://www.coca-colacompany.com (Image from: http://www.popsop.com) Description of how social media is used for business performance: As we all know very well, social media is an essential tool for businesses and organizations in the 21st century. However, this is not only about marketing and engaging company’s fans; it is also about employees, the very company’s… Read more »

Employee engagement an hoax? Shell Canada proves is not

Dolores Montavez Ruz   January 30, 2015

SHELL CANADA Posted on January 30, 2015 by: Dolores Montavez & Christian Ismodes Organization Name: Shell Canada Limited. Industry: Canada’s largest integrated oil & gas company Name of contact: Lorraine Michelmore Web References: www.shell.ca Description of how social media is used for business performance: To Lead or not to Lead: If employee engagement is a hoax, then it’s one worth its… Read more »

A new way to lead: innovation & making a difference

Amanda   October 9, 2014

Organization Name: Tangerine Industry: Financial/Banking Web References: http://tangerine.ca, http://www.canadianbusiness.com/business-strategy/leadership-qa-peter-aceto/, http://www.itbusiness.ca/news/tangerine-gives-employees-mobility-nudge-towards-community-volunteerism/49394, http://nudgerewards.com/, http://www.forbes.com/sites/carminegallo/2013/01/30/a-bank-executive-they-call-the-social-media-ceo/ Description of how social media is used for business performance Just as the name “Tangerine” is unique in the Canadian banking industry, their approach to banking, employee engagement and social media, are no different. The Tangerine website features a link to their Forward Thinking blog which can be… Read more »

Triple Bogey Brewing Company: Using Social Media to Engage Employees and Golfers

jeffdbaldwin   October 7, 2014

Organization Name: Triple Bogey Brewing Company Industry: Alcoholic Beverages   Name of Contact: Geoff Tait (CEO) Web References: http://www.triplebogey.com/ Who Are They? Triple Bogey Brewing is a newly established brewing company located in Toronto, ON. Founded in 2012, Triple Bogey currently brews only one beer, a lager that is directly targeted towards golfers. The name stems from a golfing term… Read more »

Maersk Sails Ahead: Container Shipping Company’s Successful Approach to Social Media

akarim   October 7, 2014

Image courtesy Maersk Flickr page. Company: Industry: Transportation, container shipping Description: Maersk Line is the global container division of the Danish A.P. Moller – Maersk Group. Founded in 1928, Maersk Line is considered one of the largest container shipping companies in the world. Maersk Line employs approximately 25,000 people, operates over 600 vessels and has ports in almost every country in the… Read more »

From Sun to Oracle: Developers Become Their Own Social Media Beta Testers

KSurette   October 7, 2014

Organization: Sun Microsystems / Oracle Corporation Industry:  Computer systems, Computer software, Information technology, Enterprise software Brief: Sun Microsystems was founded in the early 1980’s, and over the 27 years of its existence grew to become a driving force in computer systems, computer hardware and software, and information technology services. Truly a multinational company, senior leadership understood the value and importance… Read more »

Cautious ‘toe dip’ pays off: employee engagement through social media at TransAlta

Helene Montpetit   October 7, 2014

Company: Contacts : Julie Turgeon, Development and Construction Manager and Stacey Hatcher, Manager Communications Industry: Energy Description: Beginning as a small, local power company in 1909, TransAlta has grown into an experienced and well respected power generator and wholesale marketer of electricity. With approximately $3 billion in annual revenue, more than $9 billion in assets, and power plants in Canada,… Read more »

Employees on the “Right Track” to Customer Satisfaction

Jen Norris   October 6, 2014
TTC Photo

Organization Name: Toronto Transit Commission Contact: N/A Industry: Transportation In 1920, the Toronto Transit Commission was created, and in 1921 the Toronto Transit Commission took over existing infrastructure either owned by municipalities or privately. Since 1921, The TTC has had a long and interesting evolution. Since 1921, the TTC has carried nearly 28 billion rides and grown to be the… Read more »

The Social Media Stage is Set: How the Stratford Festival Involves Employees by Cultivating Fun

Jason   June 5, 2014

Organisation Name: Stratford Festival Industry: Theatre Name of Contact: Aaron George, Social Marketing Coordinator Web References: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube If you want to get people involved, you have to make it fun!  Aaron George, Social Media Coordinator at the Stratford Festival, sees the connection.  He has a laser focus on his social media goals and told me, “company members and employees… Read more »

Harnessing the Power of Community

Sangeeta   May 30, 2013

According to Wikipedia the term community refers to a social unit of any size that shares common values (it can also mean national or international groups of individuals). Evidence of communities can be found throughout history and now, leveraging technology, specifically social media, the concept of community is transforming within companies. If individuals spend a third of their time at… Read more »

Nokia – Internal Communication via Social Media

jsums15   May 29, 2013

Since 2008, the Social Media Communications Team at Nokia has been dedicated to the use of social media internally in order to keep employees involved. The main goal of the team is to Encourage the use of social media internally to bring out the company’s unique authentic voice and to engage in social media externally on behalf of Nokia, and contributing… Read more »

Thinking About Social Media Strategy in the Workplace

Carrie   May 29, 2013

The US economy takes a $370 Billion hit from over 70% of employees, that are actively or passively disengaged with their work. There are tools that exist which are specifically geared to engage employees internally in social media, with one of the popular ones being Yammer. The goal with all of these [tools] is to give people a voice, a… Read more »

One Social Vision for Ford Motor Company

KiyomiRutledge   October 4, 2012

Organization Name: Ford Motor Company Industry: Automotive Web Reference: Ford Motor Company Press Release: http://media.ford.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=28019 Scott Monty, www.scottmonty.com Fast Company, http://www.fastcompany.com/1668368/corporate-social-media-policies-good-mediocre-and-ugly Shel Holtz, www.socialmediatoday.com/shelholtz/838001/ford-s-vision-one-social http://socialmediapolicy.com/2012/03/09/ford-motor-companys-digital-participation-guidelines/ Description of how Ford Motor Company has leveraged social media to increase business performance For a company who sold its first automobile in 1903, Ford Motor Company has come a long way and evolved the company corporate culture to… Read more »

The Social Media Revolutionists vs. the Anti-Revolutionists

howardlichtman   May 13, 2012

The battle line is drawn. Everyone in business should be involved in social media. The statistics in the two video links below are staggering:

customer relations of the social media kind

howardlichtman   May 13, 2012

One of the many areas that social media has the ability to enhance is customer relations and/or customer engagement. As in other areas of social media, this can manifest itself in a number of ways. Social media can facilitate the interaction among fellow customers, as well as direct interaction between the company and its consumers. In both cases, this can… Read more »

Kids love school so much they helped double applications using social media; learn from the kids and the marketing expert who believed in them

ekieffer   March 9, 2012

Organization: Stockholm High School Industry: Education Web References: Case Study Students Video Jon Buscall’s Site Description of how a group of teenagers took over and greatly improved marketing for their school with social media: This story begins in 2009 when Jon Buscall took on the job of marketing for a local Stockholm high school. The schools budget is based entirely… Read more »