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Founder of Insomniac Events Would Rather be Tweeting Than Sleeping

Kelly   June 10, 2014

Organization Name: Insomniac Events Industry: Live Entertainment Name of CEO/Founder: Pasquale Rotella EDM, or better known as electronic dance music, is blowing up the music industry more increasingly everyday. So much so, that the idea of EDM went from a being known as “sketchy” underground music in the mid 90’s, to fun chart-topping beats that youngsters blast in their cars… Read more »

Dance to the sound of Social Success

Dave Mazur   November 13, 2013

Marketing Music in the Social Age: Ever since Napster, itself an early social network, turned the business model of the music industry on its ear, music marketers have had to consider a dynamic shift on how to remain viable. In the past, sales and profits were tied to record sales, but they can no longer use such a model with… Read more »