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Jaye Torley   October 27, 2014

https://soundcloud.com/gangbusters504/gangbusters-rain-down-in   Organization Name: World Vision Canada Industry: Charity Name of Contact: Paola Philip How does charity get done locally, regionally, nationally or internationally? Local charity is simpler to facilitate – many churches have feeding & clothing programs etc. What about large scale global issues, humanitarian crisis, Ebola outbreaks and the like? How do charities arrive within the crisis area within 24-48 hours? Deployment with… Read more »

Dell Gets Personal

aryanaheit   May 30, 2013

In the past few years, Twitter has easily become the fastest growing social platform in the world. It has attracted hundreds of millions of users that are not limited to personal accounts; many businesses and corporations have Twitter accounts for a number of different purposes. If you take a look at Dell’s official Twitter page, you’ll notice that they not… Read more »

Boyfriend’s Facebook Rant = Positive Spin for Bodyform

becky.minor   April 4, 2013

As Social Media Marketers, every day we encourage our fans to engage with us through our social media outlets. But, our worst nightmare is our phone beeping in the night with a notification that one of our beloved “fans” has taken to our pristine Facebook wall to complain about our business and air their every so mighty opinion for the… Read more »

Social Media and Crisis Management: The Future of Social Media in Business

a2miller   November 18, 2012

Social Media as a communication tool, client service forum or a sales lead generator are the most common business applications we currently see. However, using social media and emerging technologies related to social networks will soon revolutionize how organizations deal with crisis. Last year a video surfaced of a FedEx employee carelessly throwing a computer monitor (obviously marked fragile) over… Read more »

Social Media’s use in crisis management

c7gordon   July 24, 2011

Organisation Name:  KFC Malaysia. Industry: Fast Food  Name of contact if available: Web references:  http://www.penn-olson.com/2011/07/07/kfc-malaysia/, Description of how social media is used for business performance: KFC Malaysia had a disaster on their hands when 2 videos were uploaded to YouTube showing kitchen staff tampering with food preparation.   The images from the kitchen were very disturbing and could have had a serious… Read more »