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Some chocolate lovers are easy targets for many chocolate distributors. But how does a company successfully compete with hundreds of different chocolate bars on the market? A chocolate company may have to develop new products like new flavours to continue to increase sales. Some companies like Snickers stick to their original flavours that the world loves. The classic Snickers has continued to promote their quality chocolate bars and continues to increase sales and brand awareness. Snickers is owned by Mars and has a long history with 5 principles that they promote on their website. The 5 principles that the company follows are; Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Freedom and Efficiency. Snickers is able to effectively build their chocolate empire based on their 5 principles.

What do you do when you feel a little down? Sit on a sofa and stare at the wall? Go on the treadmill and think “gosh, what am I doing here”? Or, do you do what I do, and make sure you get your hands on some really, really, good chocolate? Born and raised in Germany, I know what really, really, good chocolate tastes like, and I don’t hesitate to drive a long way to get it. When I finally get home with my treasure and start to unwrap the silver paper carefully from the bar, I already start to feel better.  When I break off the first row and hear the distinct cracking sound and see that the edge of the break is smooth and without crumbs, I know this is going to be delicious. When I inhale the scent deeply and get ready for the ultimate intense experience, my palate gets excited. I close my eyes, put the first piece into my mouth and let it melt slowly. I make sure that every single taste bud has a chance to experience the creamy yummyness. Gosh, it’s heaven.  I have to tell you, there is only one chocolate that melts that way and qualifies to be called really, really, good – and that is chocolate from Lindt! “Lindt is the best. Their chocolate is so creamy and they offer a broad variety of interesting flavours you don’t find anywhere else.”  Ulrike Voigt, Chocolate Connoisseur

Okay a show of hands… who doesn’t like chocolate? Anybody??? Didn’t think so. Perhaps one of the most loved foods in the world, chocolate comes in so many forms it’s virtually impossible to find someone that doesn’t like chocolate in at least one form. I don’t actually have any data to back that up, just my own theory that you’d have an easier time finding a unicorn or a Sasquatch. Perhaps I’m letting my own love of chocolate cloud my judgment but I can’t be that far off considering that the average Canadian consumes 5.5 kilograms or roughly 12 pounds of chocolate each year. Ferrero SpA is the fourth largest manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery products in the world, behind only Mars, Mondelēz International (makers of Cadbury, Oreo and many other brands) and Nestlé. The Italian manufacturer is probably most recognized as the makers of the famous Ferrero Rocher chocolates but are also responsible for bringing us Tic Tac, Kinder and Nutella. Ferrero is responsible for using about one quarter of the world’s hazelnut supply and have almost single-highhandedly caused the hazelnut industry to soar.