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St. Andrew’s College Brings Tradition into the Future with Social Media Marketing

Jen Norris   November 10, 2014

Organization: St. Andrew’s College Industry: Education Contact: Nicolette Fleming, Communications Officer   What’s trending in Aurora; the new St. Andrew’s College La Brier Arena. I have a son who lives for Hockey and he is in awe thinking about a school that has its own hockey arena. It’s not just a hockey arena, it’s a $13 Million state of the… Read more »

Transparency and Customer Engagement

Terry   October 14, 2014

Organization: The Clorox Company Industry: Cleaning Products; Corporation Web References:  en.wikipedia.org; www.thecloroxcompany.com; www.cbc.ca Corporate Transparency: Customer Engagement through transparency is very important in today’s world. Corporations need to be transparent with  stakeholders, investors, service providers governments, regulators and customers in all aspects of the business.  The need for  being transparency with products has never been more important than it is today. The… Read more »