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As excitement continues to build for the Jays, I started thinking about how this week’s topic of Social Media and Employee Involvement draws several parallels to baseball. Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) is a solid team. It’s one of “Canada’s most shopped general merchandise retailers” (CTC, 2015)  and is “strengthened and supported by a Financial Services sector (CTFS).” (CTC, 2015). Yes, its outfield is well positioned with a vast external Social Media presence; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin, but its infield is quite impressive and should be commended as well. The use of Social Media within this company has been a key contributor to involving their employees.

We’ve all seen one of those Canadian Tire flyers waiting for us at our doorstep… Did you know the retailer stopped distributing them two years ago? Yet, the company’s marketing team is busier than ever with digital advertisement. Facebook has become the company’s second biggest advertising platform after Google. Why did Canadian Tire decided to invest in digital advertising?

Social Media – Amplifying Changing Customers’ Habits

cregan   March 8, 2015

  Organization Name:   Canadian Tire Corporation Industry:         Retail Name of contact:  TJ Flood, Senior Vice President, Marketing Web References: Canadian Tire Corporation Description on how Social Media is used for Business Performance: Our family was discussing where we want to go and what to do on our next vacation.  As we were talking, I jumped onto the internet to look… Read more »