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As one of the biggest international beauty stores, Sephora has managed to surpass retailers by increasing the number of engaged online and instore customers. After winning the 2017 The World Retail Congress’s International Retailer of the Year, the company has been able to enhance the in-store retail experience by letting customers take the in-store experience home with them. “Sephora has more than 20 million customers that shop and interact with the brand with thousands of products and 100 brand partners who bring these products to life (Forte, D. (2017)”. Now all of these customers have the ultimate online shopping experience.

Frincess Julyette Beauty: Beautifying Social Media Marketing

Constance Adams   July 8, 2014

Organization Name: Frincess Julyette Beauty Industry: Fashion/Beauty/Makeup Artistry Name of contact if available: Frincess Arbour Description of How Social Media is used for Business Performance Social media has allowed small independent companies and start-ups manage and maintain their own marketing strategies. Instead of hiring large, somewhat detached and expensive marketing firms, business owners can shape their message with complete creative autonomy…. Read more »