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Social media has helped create a world of wants, image and envy. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.., over and over people are given channels to present themselves to the world, however they want. It’s contributed to a new phenomenon, coined ‘Facebook Depression’. It’s also given businesses a window to fuel that image obsessed mentality. As social media continues to adapt and advance, it also molds it audience. It can create a longing and desire that we didn’t have before, simply by being exposed to it, or by it being implied enough that it’s something we want. When individuals we look up to, or friends tell us how great something is, we are being both obviously and subliminally being impacted. 

The Red Dress Boutique Asks Customers To Do The Buying

Cristina Avila   February 22, 2015
Red Dress Boutique Logo

Organization Name: The Red Dress Boutique Industry: Fashion Name of Contact: N/A Web References: The Red Dress Boutique Blog, Shark Tank Success Blog, SMU Fashion Media, Online Athens, Fast Company, Classic City Today Description of How Social Media is Used for Business Performance: Founded in 2004, The Red Dress Boutique is a successful online women’s retailer and a highly coveted brick-and-mortar boutique located… Read more »

Social Media Marketing – Around the World by Word of Mouth

Terry   November 11, 2014
Social Media

Title:  Social Media Marketing – Around the World by Word of Mouth Organization: Multiple – General Industry: Multiple – General Author:  Terry-Lynn Conway       To coin a phrase by Erik Qualman “Word of Mouth / World of Mouth” is an under-statement of Social Media today. Someone tells two friends, they tell two friends and so on and in… Read more »