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Giddy Up Little Pony!

Jaye Torley   October 21, 2014

Organization Name: Hyundai Industry: Automotive Name of Contact: Ted Troughton,  National Manager for Market Representation for Hyundai Canada In 1988 I bought a two year old Hyundai Pony. At that time they were referred to as “throw away cars”, you know, you drive it for 3-4 years and, well, you throw it away. Oh my, how things have changed! You ask the… Read more »

Red Lobster: “Sea’s” social media differently

Amanda   October 16, 2014

Organization Name: Red Lobster Industry: Restaurant Web References: Red Lobster’s Facebook Page We live in a world where we’re all connected and information is exchanged faster than I could have typed this sentence. Social media is the new way of interacting and organizations need to be part of this world to stay relevant and build relationships by engaging with their customers…. Read more »

TD Aims For Their Employees To Connect Directly With Clients

SLeak   July 10, 2014

Organization Name:  TD Bank Financial Group Industry: Retail Banking Name of contact if available: Mathieu Nesbitt, Mobile Mortgage Specialist Web references for TD: Twitter, facebook, website Description of how social media is used for business performance: TD is among the five largest banks in Canada, offering anywhere, anytime banking solutions through branch, telephone and internet banking. It has been the recipient, eight years in… Read more »

The Collaborative Kitchen Web 2.0

Leslie Wilson   June 26, 2014

Industry:  Contract Food and Support Services Name of contact:  Leslie Wilson, VP Marketing More than ever before, people care passionately about their food: its origin, ingredients, preparation and serving. Tomorrow’s leaders in the culinary industry need to be more than gifted chefs. They need to be ready to lead their teams, organizations and companies in advancements in culinary direction, new… Read more »

Southwest Employees Go Nuts with Social Media

allimaho   June 5, 2014

Organization Name: Southwest Airlines Industry: Airline/Transportation Name of Contact: N/A Web references:  Blog ; YouTube; Twitter; flickr; Pinterest; Instagram ; RSS Feed As organizations strive to increase brand recognition with their stakeholders they often forget one of their biggest assets – their employees! Well, Southwest Airlines hasn’t forgot. Starting in 2006, Southwest Airlines launched their social media blog campaign, “Nuts… Read more »

Employee Social Media Platforms; to post or not to post!

Leslie Wilson   June 3, 2014

Industry:  Contract Food and Support Services Name of contact:  Leslie Wilson, VP Media Marketing It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.  Warren Buffett Never has this famous quote been more relevant than today when social media can have a huge impact on an employer’s reputation. Because employee engagement depends on strong, effective communications,… Read more »

Connecting with Colour: CIL’s Paint Chips for Men Campaign

vanessa.parks   November 12, 2013

In a world where social media has become commonplace, marketing campaigns need to do more than just grab your attention – they need to connect with the consumer. Social media allows companies to encourage dialogue with their consumers, engaging them and helping build a strong brand. In his article Brand Building: Connecting with Consumers Through Social Media, Jose Costa argues… Read more »

The Social Media Mirror: Buying into Brand Identity

vanessa.parks   October 16, 2013

Buying Social media marketing isn’t always strictly about selling products. In fact, according to Lisa Mahapatra in her article Social Media Marketing: How Do Top Brands Use Social Platforms?, very few consumers are introduced to top brands through Facebook (only 0.25 per cent over the last four years). Jay Baer agrees. In his keynote speech for the 2013 MarketingSherpa Email… Read more »

IBM: Building a brand though those who know it best

Amanda Houseman   October 9, 2013

IBM is proving that allowing employee engagement in corporate social media is not only valuable, it’s profitable for everyone. They’re active in social media for the right reasons: IBM is an organization whose business is already built upon interaction with their employees, so why not give them a voice? Enters IBM Voices. “IBM.com/voices is an aggregation of a couple hundred… Read more »


Sangeeta   June 13, 2013

Take a look at Lego Click to see how the Cl!ck community is transforming lego. Author Laura M. Carillo outlines some of the quick thinking that enabled the success of this platform in the article “CL!CK – LEGO’s fun social product development platform.” LEGO has a long history with its community that started in 1998 with the LEGO Mindstorms which… Read more »

Dell Gets Personal

aryanaheit   May 30, 2013

In the past few years, Twitter has easily become the fastest growing social platform in the world. It has attracted hundreds of millions of users that are not limited to personal accounts; many businesses and corporations have Twitter accounts for a number of different purposes. If you take a look at Dell’s official Twitter page, you’ll notice that they not… Read more »

Tweeted Hot Wheels® and GM Chevrolet Very Own Twitter Vending Machine

anguyen44   February 26, 2013

For the first time in Canada, at the 2013 40th Canadian International AutoShow, a new marketing strategy for Hot Wheels® and GM Chevrolet, in conjunction with Twitter, was created to increase product awareness and development for their Hot Wheels® Camaro® Concept Car. The show runs from Feb 16 until Feb 24 at the Metro Convention Centre. TrojanOne, a well recognized… Read more »

Anthropologie, One of the Most “Pinfluential” Brands in Fashion

becky.minor   February 20, 2013

Pinterest is no longer the new kid on the block in the social media marketing world. Since sky-rocketing to the top of the social media charts in 2011, Pinterest has established itself as a major player, not only in social networking, but also in social media marketing, by presenting brands with a unique way to engage customers. In short, Pinterest… Read more »

High Profile Employees Up the Social Engagement Ante

jreed   February 14, 2013

High profile celebrity endorsers are nothing new- we all recognize the Snapple Lady and Jared from Subway. With the advent of social media, celebrity reach can push products even further in the minds of consumers. And this is what many major companies are betting on. Just ask Beyoncé or will.i.am. Their employment is seen a lucrative for both parties. According… Read more »

Turning “Likes” into “Take me home.”

obmolap   February 13, 2013

Like any good relationship, it’s about getting to know each other. Look at your best friend and you can name all the reasons they still hold a special place in your life. Commonalities drew you together and keep you connected.  Keeping it fresh is never difficult, new experiences with a trusted pal are always welcome. They are the foundation for… Read more »