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What Makes a Video Go Viral?

John Andrade   November 20, 2013

With so much money spent in communication, organizations are looking for ways to make their investment pay off.  Lean advertising is an appealing concept but achieving it is easier said than done.  Do-it-yourself online videos could cost less to produce but only 3% of YouTube videos are watched more than 25,000 times.  Hence, how could a company replicate a success story… Read more »

A Start-Up’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

Candace Berner-Rubie   November 13, 2013

As an entrepreneur, guiding your start-up company to success is not an easy task.  Social media is becoming an essential tool in the small business marketer’s toolbox, but like any tool it has its advantages and disadvantages. Having a knowledge of social media marketing basics can help new start-ups use these channels to improve the customer experience, employee experience, and… Read more »


jennifervivian   March 5, 2012

Organization Name: Blendtec Industry: Manufacturer of Blenders Web references:        http://socialmediatoday.com/heidisendible/357931/social-media-success-stories-blendtec Description of how social media is used for business performance: If you want people to notice you, you need to do something completely unexpected.  With a little bit of creativity and out of the box thinking, companies like Blendtec have been able to reach millions and create buzz about… Read more »