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In today’s social media communities it can be noisy, even annoying, to see sponsored and promoted messages, have products clamouring for your attention, and marketing departments from companies of all sizes try their best to stand out in the chaos. But for one ABC television show, they’ve successfully approached social media in a different way. To listen. The show itself (The Bachelor) is a marketing goldmine. The quest for love, smothered in manipulated drama, to appeal to the hopeless romantics, or provide an endless parade of judge worthy material for the cynics. Its hard to deny the vapid nature of the show itself, but what the show has done with it’s social media offers a lot of lessons for the marketing community.

Social Media and Reality TV

taracb   October 21, 2012

Organization Name: ABC’s The Glass House Web References: Social TV ABC The Glass House According to a recent survey by Viacom, 56% of viewers are using social media while watching TV. They are communicating on blogs, facebook, twitter and apps and the Networks are recognizing the benefits of these engagements. Shows like, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and The… Read more »