Resources For Students

This section contains resources for use by students of the Social Media for Business Performance Certificate. It includes tips on posting in the WordPress blog, guidance on the use of valuable social media tools and advice on the development of social media enterprise strategy.

Social Media has become a widespread way of marketing for organizations. While many of us have used social media in a variety of ways, the question is what are some best practices in using social media? Now and in the future? I decided to pull together a few sources to see what others are saying about best practices in social media. Read on and decide for yourself. In a How to Guide by Lithium, 10 Best Practices in Social Media Marketing, summarizes 10 key ways to use social media in effective ways. These ten suggestions include: respond promptly, engage your organization, share conversations, use data to decide when to post, talk with your customers, optimize your efforts, make technology your friend, measure your success, learn about your customers, and enjoy the process!

The SMBP Strategy Model

Peter Carr   February 16, 2015

The SMBP course is focused on the application of social media to improving business performance across the organisation. In each organisational area specific approaches to improving performance are applied – practices that have been used in organisations to improve in the past. Social media can be applied to complement and enhance these practices and so achieve higher levels of performance… Read more »

Social Media Management Tools

Peter Carr   February 8, 2015

This set of videos describes how to use a selection of social media management tools that will help you make your social media activity more effective: 1. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool. It helps you manage your content efficiently across a range of platforms and track and analyse the resulting traffic:   2. Google Analytics: Tracking… Read more »

Embedding Content in WordPress Blog Posts

Peter Carr   February 8, 2015

This series of videos provides guidance on how to enhance the content of WordPress blogposts by embedding content from other sites: 1. Posting Video from Youtube in WordPress: 2. Inserting Pictures in WordPress: 3. Inserting Sound from Soundcloud in WordPress: 4. Inserting a Slideshare Presentation in WordPress: 5. Inserting a Podcast in WordPress: