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How Social Media Will Transform the Supply Chain Management

Wardah Sabih   October 28, 2012

Social Media has indeed established itself as a powerful tool that can tighten the bonds between brands and consumers,however we have yet to find its implications in supply chain management. Social Media has established itself as a proven tool that can help businesses get in touch with their consumers, get them engaged with their brand and form long term relationships… Read more »

McDonald’s Twitter Promotion: A PR Disaster !

Wardah Sabih   October 15, 2012

  Organization Name: McDonalds Industry: Fast Food Web References:   As the article suggests, when we think of McDonalds, the thought of fatty greasy food and minimum wage workers pop up in minds of most people.  However in order to combat such an image, McDonalds decided to experiment with Social Media in order to stimulate a more positive image of… Read more »