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I’m an active and experienced relationship manager with professional experience in marketing, public relations, research, community development, and internal communications.

Toronto Maple Leafs engaging fans through social media

wryanking   March 12, 2012

There are few things in Canada more social than hockey. Many Canadians will chat about hockey for hours upon end and often make the local rink their second home. Arguably, one of iconic Canadian hockey teams is the Toronto Maple Leafs. As part of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) , the Toronto Maple Leafs and all other MLSE teams… Read more »

Walmart: going social for supply chains

wryanking   February 23, 2012

Applying the principles of social media to supply chain management go beyond traditional Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube use. Social media is more about the tools for allowing collaborations in an online medium. Walmart, one of the world’s largest and arguably most powerful retailers, owes much of its transition from regional retailer to global powerhouse largely to changes in and effective… Read more »