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Communications professional with a love of the great outdoors - skiing, diving, and trying my hand at gardening (despite the revelation that a 'green' thumb is not to be found on either hand). Am happily married (going on 14 years) and share my home with three children (of the furry, four-legged variety).

Social Media, like Rock and Roll, is here to stay!

Tracey Pearce-Dawson   November 18, 2014
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While communications experts in the realm of social media each have their own unique perspective on the future of social media, one thing is certain. Social media today is in its early infancy. I equate it (albeit loosely) to the NASA space program. While we’ve achieved much, there are worlds yet to be discovered. And that’s exciting. To understand where… Read more »

McDonald’s Tarnishes its Golden Arches with Instagram Blunder

Tracey Pearce-Dawson   November 11, 2014

Organization: McDonald’s Industry: Fast Food I have a confession to make. I like to eat McDonald’s food – particularly the French fries and Big Mac. I always have and chances are I always will. That said, I certainly don’t go to McDonald’s to get my ‘greens’ or ‘veggie-full.’ I know better than that. However, as one of the world’s largest… Read more »

The Key to Social Media Metrics

Tracey Pearce-Dawson   November 4, 2014

Organization: TOMS Shoes Industry: Retail Which stats matter; social media metrics that your business should track; social data metrics you can trust…the list goes on. When it comes to tracking social media the options can be overwhelming. So, how do organizations determine what’s best for their own social media metrics? As Marketing Communications Specialist Nicole Brophy shares, the options for social… Read more »

Lufthansa Cargo – A Modern Day Noah’s Ark

Tracey Pearce-Dawson   October 28, 2014

Organization: Lufthansa Cargo Industry: Cargo Airline My husband and I have two dogs and like many dog-owners they’re more than pets to us, they’re our family. Every once-in-a-while Kevin (my husband) and I will engage in a ‘what if’ conversation when it comes to whether or not we would ever transport our furry children via air. On occasion a horror… Read more »

RBC Wants to Know What Your ‘Someday’ Is

Tracey Pearce-Dawson   October 21, 2014

Organization: Royal Bank of Canada Industry: Bank/Financial Institution Believe it or not, one of my earliest childhood memories is of the Royal Bank. Every week I accompanied by mom to ‘the bank’ (there was only one in town so we didn’t have to be any more specific). As a child whose favourite pastime was playing office, ‘the bank’ was an… Read more »

Coca-Cola’s Social Media Campaign Engages and Inspires Customers

Tracey Pearce-Dawson   October 14, 2014
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Organization Name: The Coca-Cola Company Industry: Beverages Web references: Lessons from Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy: Cohesive Campaigns and Creative Content,, What She Said Marketing Solutions, The Coca-Cola Company, USA Today I’m not a real fan of pop as far as beverages go, but for as long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed Coca-Cola (especially an ice-cold one). Turns out, I’m… Read more »

The Art of Listening (and Telling) to Employees through Social Media

Tracey Pearce-Dawson   October 7, 2014

Organization Name: Southwest Airlines, Yammer, IBM Industry: Airline, Technology Web references:,,,, It was about seven years ago when I got my first taste of social media while working in corporate communications for a large transportation company. It was a new communication medium called “the blog”. It promised great things – the ability to engage with… Read more »