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Specialize in sales and marketing. Much of my career has focused on the first sale of new technologies and services. More recently I have worked to support start-up and small- and medium- enterprises to succeed through structured innovation strategies.

Google and Facebook are Destined to Fail

tmatulis   March 16, 2015

    Posted on March 16, 2015 by:  Tmatulis Thought Leaders: Gerald Kane Name of contact: N/A Web References: varied (below) I had the privilege of attending the Social Innovation Bootcamp presented by Queen’s University Centre for Social Impact in Kingston this past weekend.  Basically a 24 hour marathon event that featured speakers addressing some of the major aspects of Social Innovation,… Read more »

Is Social Media Good for Marketing?

tmatulis   March 8, 2015

Posted on March 8, 2015 by:  Tmatulis Organization Name: Jeep Thought Leaders: Seth Godin, Brian Solis, Clayton Christensen, Ouke Arts Name of contact: N/A Web References: varied (below) The question might seem a little silly.  The answer appears clear given what we read and hear.  As is usually the case, there is more to the story. If you are a smart… Read more »

All that glitters is not gold

tmatulis   March 1, 2015

Sometime in the last 50 years this quote emerged and arguably has become religion for many in business and across different organizations.  In fact I can remember the exact instance when, as a young engineer starting out in my career, I first heard this stated as if it came down from the mountain carried by Moses.   I also remember nodding… Read more »

What’s the hype? Social Media and the Supply Chain

tmatulis   February 22, 2015
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Organization Names: Huffington Post Industry: Media Web References: Gartner, Samsung, Apple, P&G – Different takes on Co-Creation and Open Innovation, Where are we today? The question of social media and how it can and does influence Supply Chain Management presents interesting possibilities and challenges.  I will go out on a limb here.  Unless you are associated with IBM, Oracle, or a powerhouse corporation like Ford,… Read more »

Samsung, Apple, P&G – Different takes on Co-Creation and Open Innovation

tmatulis   February 15, 2015
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Posted on February 15, 2015 by:  Tom Matulis Organization Names:  Samsung, Apple, P&G Industry:  Consumer Electronics and Consumer Products Web References:  Samsung, Apple, Procter & Gamble Business Models Take Off Look back over the previous 20 or more years and the growth of fragmentation in organizations and processes is really staggering.  No doubt the same could be said about life in… Read more »

Customer Personas: How ASOS rocks the urban scene and Benetton mixes a message to engage

tmatulis   February 8, 2015

Organisation Name: ASOS Industry: Online fashion retail Web references: London –based ASOS is a global on-line fashion player that targets urban 20-something customers.  ASOS aims to be the ‘hub of a thriving fashion community’.  Their numbers are impressive – over 80,000 branded and own-brand products shipped from warehouses in the UK, US, Europe and China to almost every country in… Read more »