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Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits

tearamcginn   March 19, 2013

In December 2012 VerticalResponse surveyed more than 100 of their non-profit customers to find out how they utilize social media. Their infographic (shown below, left) displays the findings nicely. Another infographic from MDGAdvertising demonstrates the results of non-profit social media operations – shown below, right.  You can click on the images to enlarge them. In my mind, it comes as… Read more »

Volerro: Enabling B2B Supply Chain Collaboration

tearamcginn   March 7, 2013

An August 2012 survey on Supplier Lifecycle Management found that 35% of Best-in-Class companies are currently leveraging supplier B2B social efforts to improve intelligence and supply chain operations, while only 13% of Industry Average  and 10% of Laggards were doing the same.   This study shows a correlation between results and use of social media within the supply chain.  And… Read more »

LinkedIn’s Email Blast: I’m Special, I’m Special Not

tearamcginn   February 21, 2013

Organization Name: LinkedIn                      Industry: Computer Services February’s LinkedIn email blast left me with feelings of “I’m Special, I’m Special Not” reminiscent of plucking petals from a daisy whilst thinking of a childhood crush.  Like many, I received an email from LinkedIn stating that my profile was one of the 5%… Read more »