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Social TV & Viewer Loyalty App – Get Paid to Watch TV!

taracb   November 19, 2012

As countless studies have shown, the majority of TV viewers are multitasking online.  Viewers are now communicating on various social media platforms while they tune into their favourite show’s through Tablets, Smart Phones and Laptops. Viggle, a free app, now pays you for the multitasking that many of us have already come accustomed to.  Viggle is a loyalty program that… Read more »

The Future of Social Media: Predicting trending Twitter topics with 95% Accuracy

taracb   November 18, 2012

Devavrat Shah, a MIT professor in the electrical engineering and computer sciences department, and Stanislav Nikolov, a graduate MIT student have created an algorithm for Twitter that is able to predict trending topics before Twitter is able to with 95% accuracy and up to 5 hours earlier. The algorithm sifts through a large sample of tweets, popular trending ones and… Read more »

Ryanair learns the importance of Social Media the hard way.

taracb   November 4, 2012

  Despite a 600% increase in Ryanair‘s marketing budget, profits have dropped 29% after a negative blast on social media. Suzy McLeod was charged €300 by Ryanair to print to print five boarding passes on a flight from Alicante to Bristol.  Whether or not people agree with the significant print charges from “no frills” Ryanair in August 2012, a complaint on a… Read more »

Social Media and Reality TV

taracb   October 21, 2012

Organization Name: ABC’s The Glass House Web References: Social TV ABC The Glass House According to a recent survey by Viacom, 56% of viewers are using social media while watching TV. They are communicating on blogs, facebook, twitter and apps and the Networks are recognizing the benefits of these engagements. Shows like, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and The… Read more »

Best Western uses Social Media for Employee Recognition

taracb   October 7, 2012

Title:  Best Western uses Social Media for Employee Recognition Organization Name:  Best Western Web References: Social Media Workplace Study Employee Engagement Employee Recognition Description of how social media is used for business performance: Not only are companies recognizing their top employees through internal social media outlets, such as Yammer and Salesforce Chatter, but they have now turned to using public forms… Read more »