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Look Back to know what’s Coming

Sangeeta   July 11, 2013

Want to know what’s next from a technology perspective? All you have to do is look to the past where Gene Rodenberry designed the future.  Take a look at the “tablets” Captain Picard and his crew were using twenty years ago. And how about the “glasses” used by Captain Sisqo? Think Google Glasses. Want to know what is next from… Read more »

Have you Truly Engaged You Audience?

Sangeeta   July 4, 2013

You’ve created your Facebook page, planned the series of tweets and have videos in production to be released on youtube. The social media realm is covered off in your marketing plan right? Not quite; sounds like you have the media part, but may need to regroup on the social aspect. That section may have been missing in your marketing plan… Read more »

Looking Past the Mirror

Sangeeta   June 27, 2013

Are you celebrating vanity metrics in your organization? The term vanity metrics sounds as fluffy as the impressive numbers behind it. Think 406,852 likes, over a million followers, 500 hits a day. What do those numbers actually say? Is there a story behind those numbers and are those numbers generating the desired results? In her article “Kiss Vanity Metrics Goodbye”… Read more »


Sangeeta   June 13, 2013

Take a look at Lego Click to see how the Cl!ck community is transforming lego. Author Laura M. Carillo outlines some of the quick thinking that enabled the success of this platform in the article “CL!CK – LEGO’s fun social product development platform.” LEGO has a long history with its community that started in 1998 with the LEGO Mindstorms which… Read more »

Harnessing the Power of Community

Sangeeta   May 30, 2013

According to Wikipedia the term community refers to a social unit of any size that shares common values (it can also mean national or international groups of individuals). Evidence of communities can be found throughout history and now, leveraging technology, specifically social media, the concept of community is transforming within companies. If individuals spend a third of their time at… Read more »