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Reach, Impression, Engagement Social Media Marketing At Its Core

Sarah   November 18, 2013

How are business marketing activities affected by social media? Reach, impression, engagement, these are all important things to consider when thinking about social media marketing. writes “Make it easy for people to share your existing marketing messages socially and expand your reach. Turn your content into earned media by encouraging recipients to amplify your messages. Build trust and add… Read more »

The Answer To Measuring Success Using Social Media Metrics

Sarah   November 17, 2013

How can we measure a company’s return on investments? How can you turn likes into sales? While a corporation may integrate social media within their business planning or corporate goals employees need to buy in to this area, as we all know change is not easily accepted. Corporations now need to incorporate social media training into their employee’s development recognizing… Read more »

Impact of Social Networking in the Supply Chain Management Process

Sarah   November 17, 2013

Should the use of social networking platforms be implemented in the supply chain process?  Bill DuBois’ blog post ‘Is Your Supply Chain Glass Half Full? “Project manager – I know you want to add cranberry juice to your martini glass, but I’ll need to write a change request for that. Potential customer – I’ll order that drink if I can… Read more » Takes Innovation To New Heights.

Sarah   November 16, 2013

  How can we increase sales leads? How do we develop a consumer driven product? exemplifies the practice of leveraging social computing principles and technologies to support the product development process, innovation and business goals, programs and resources. They do this through various products such as sales, service and exact target marketing cloud, salesforce platform, chatter and Sales… Read more »

Scotiabank Live Gives Employees an Outlet to Discuss New Benefits Package.

Sarah   October 8, 2013

How much of an impact does your opinion have? What are the repercussions of them? What avenues do you have? These questions and many others have been on people’s minds for generations. In an ever changing environment we have now recently become a technology driven and communication focused society where social media is at the forefront. “Social media continues to… Read more »