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Examining Social Media and its Future

Rosanna_D   November 17, 2014

Industry: Social Media Web references: When I was doing research on this week’s blog post someone in particular came to mind. As a Communications major, I was introduced to Marshal McLuhan and his work on media theory. His famously coined expression – ‘The Medium is the Message’ got me thinking about social media and its future. Perhaps we need… Read more »

Oreo Cookies are ‘Dunking’ into Social Media Marketing

Rosanna_D   November 10, 2014

Organization Name: Nabisco Industry: Snack Foods Web references: When I was doing my research on companies who use social media marketing really well, one corporate brand in particular kept popping up in the ‘top ten’ – Oreo cookies.  I was intrigued and dug a little deeper. To my surprise, here’s a staple product that has been around for generations,… Read more »

For the Love of…Tea

Rosanna_D   November 3, 2014

Organization Name: DAVIDsTEA Industry: Food & Beverage Name of Contact: Youri Hollier, Social Media Manager, DAVIDsTEA  Web references:     DAVIDsTEA was founded in 2008 in Canada by cousins David and Herschel Segal. Today the brand has more than 120 locations across North America and more than 150 tea varieties. After water, tea is the second most consumed beverage… Read more »

Walmart: Dominating Supply Chain Management

Rosanna_D   October 27, 2014

Organization Name: Walmart Industry: Retail  Web references: Supply chain management (SCM) is a complex conundrum with many moving parts. Many customers don’t realize the process behind the scenes and the amount of work, time, energy and resources that are required to get products into their hands. A great example of a company who has taken SCM to the next… Read more »

Donuts in the Twenty-First Century

Rosanna_D   October 21, 2014

Organization Name: Tim Hortons Industry: Food & Beverage  Web references: Tim Hortons Donuts were invented in the 19th century and are still being made today the same way they were made back then using  simple ingredients like flour, sugar, salt and yeast. New ingredients and flavours were added over time to make donuts even more delicious with fruit and custard… Read more »

Starbucks: Building Online Communities around Coffee

Rosanna_D   October 14, 2014

  Organization Name: Starbucks Industry: Food and Beverage Web references:     Starbucks turned to social media to connect with existing customers and to introduce new customers to their brand and products. Today, the company has more than 35 million Facebook followers; close to seven million Twitter followers; more than three million Instagram followers and several Pinterest boards. Starbucks… Read more »

Enterprise Social Networks are taking Employee Engagement to the Next Level

Rosanna_D   October 8, 2014

Organization Name: United Breweries Limited Industry: Manufacturing Web references: Studies have shown that employee engagement increases company moral, employee motivation and efficiency. When engagement is done well, employees remain committed to their employer. However, 70% of U.S. workers say that they are disengaged at work – in fact, they don’t like their jobs. When this is the case, employees… Read more »