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The SMBP Strategy Model

Peter Carr   February 16, 2015

The SMBP course is focused on the application of social media to improving business performance across the organisation. In each organisational area specific approaches to improving performance are applied – practices that have been used in organisations to improve in the past. Social media can be applied to complement and enhance these practices and so achieve higher levels of performance… Read more »

Social Media Management Tools

Peter Carr   February 8, 2015

This set of videos describes how to use a selection of social media management tools that will help you make your social media activity more effective: 1. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool. It helps you manage your content efficiently across a range of platforms and track and analyse the resulting traffic:   2. Google Analytics: Tracking… Read more »

Embedding Content in WordPress Blog Posts

Peter Carr   February 8, 2015

This series of videos provides guidance on how to enhance the content of WordPress blogposts by embedding content from other sites: 1. Posting Video from Youtube in WordPress: 2. Inserting Pictures in WordPress: 3. Inserting Sound from Soundcloud in WordPress: 4. Inserting a Slideshare Presentation in WordPress: 5. Inserting a Podcast in WordPress:

What Social Media Can Do For Supply Chain: Interview with Tony Martins, TEVA Pharmaceuticals

Peter Carr   March 23, 2012

Video interview with Tony Martins, Vice President, Supply Chain for TEVA Pharmaceuticals. The video discusses supply chain management today and the role that supply chain can play in improving supply chain performance. Tony talks about how traditional command and control structures are out of date and why organisations should be process driven. The interview was conducted by Peter Carr, SMBP… Read more »

Interview With Jesse Rodgers of TribeHR

Peter Carr   September 29, 2011

Yesterday I interviewed Jesse Rogers of TribeHR – a human resources software as a service company from Waterloo, Ontario. I met with a number of the members of their team and they were a nice group of people. They have imaginatively applied social media to the establishment of their company, the marketing of their product and as a component of… Read more »

Interview with Ted Rubin, Social Media Strategist

Peter Carr   July 25, 2011

On Thursday July 21st we recorded an interview with Ted Rubin, social media strategist and Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias. Ted has 54,000 followers on Twitter and coined the phrase Return On Relationship (ROR). The interview was set up by Mirza Baig and conducted by Peter Carr, Director of the online Certificate in Social Media and Business Performance… Read more »


Peter Carr   May 19, 2011

Organisation Name: Dell Industry: Computer Manufacturing Name of contact if available: Web references:, Description of how social media is used for business performance: Dell are seen as pioneers in the use of social media. The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University have developed a case study that describes Dell’s social media activities in significant detail. It is… Read more »