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Back to The Future: Supporting Social Media for Senior Citizens.

PaulaSinton   July 15, 2015
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Technology has caught up with our imaginations. A blog on the Future of Social Media? Where would I begin? The possibilities are endless veering off into the corners of every industry in almost every nation.  Everyday we see things we can’t believe are real from every part of the world. (3D printer anyone?) We have seen massive industries collapse. People… Read more »

Molson’s: Will Crafting Canadian Culture still sell us beer?

PaulaSinton   July 3, 2015
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Company: Molson-Coors Industry: Food and Beverage President & CEO: Mark Hunter I’ve seen a lot of Molson’s beer ads in my time. I’ve also been pitched to by their sales and marketing reps as the gatekeeper to a thirsty student market when I managed an on-campus pub in downtown Toronto. On the flip side, I’ve been in boardrooms to witness a… Read more »

Allow me to RE-introduce myself: My name is Glenn Gould.

PaulaSinton   June 30, 2015
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Company: Glenn Gould Limited Industry: Estate Management and Music Website: Today we celebrate Canada Day, and; it is with incredible honor, and perhaps a touch of synchronicity, that I have chosen the great Glenn Gould as my focus for this independent study for the collective blog on Social Media Metrics. Wait. Time out. Glenn Gould?? Metrics and Measurement?? Absolutely. In… Read more »

Budnitz + Bicycles + Basecamp = Brilliant!

PaulaSinton   June 24, 2015

      Founder: Paul Budnitz Industry: Bicycle Manufacturing Website: Budnitz Bicycles This weeks’ blog topic  ‘Supply Chain Management’ couldn’t be further from my past work experience or for that matter – current abilities. In the entertainment business, we have a supply chain management system but it is more along the lines of ‘project’ or ‘event’ management.  We are asked to… Read more »

Neal Brothers Foods – Chip Chip Hooray!

PaulaSinton   June 16, 2015

  Company Name: Neal Brothers Foods Industry: Food Distributors Founders: Chris and Peter Neal Company ‘Snackshot’ Neal Brothers Foods offers products made from healthy organic chemical-free ingredients that meet standards for environmental sustainability. They believe in Fair Trade and distribute Kicking Horse Coffee as good example of that movement. You can learn more about Kicking Horse Coffee and the other product… Read more »

Espresso Manifesto – Waking up your customer.

PaulaSinton   June 9, 2015

Company Name: Espresso Manifesto – Website Industry: Event Management Founder: Daniela Nardi Espresso Manifesto was born out the personal passion of Canadian Jazz artist, Daniela Nardi, to inspire awareness of her Italian cultural roots though live musical performance and speaking events. See Video: Espresso Manifesto for a glimpse of the projects’ essence and message. “Italian music, art and culture are well known and loved… Read more »

Take Me To Your Leader – A lesson from a Small Business in a Small town.

PaulaSinton   May 28, 2015

      Company Profile: Seating Inc. Industry: Manufacturing and Distribution President: Judy Hart Increasingly, we are all watching businesses express their brands and choosing to adopt massive social media campaigns around the world as a means to connect with their customers. Strategically, using employees to ‘test drive’ future strategic mandates on Social Media platforms is an excellent way to… Read more »