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Tsu, You, and a Niche in the Future of Social Media

Paul   July 14, 2015
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Title of Post: Tsu, You, and a Niche in the Future of Social Media Name of Organization: Tsu Industry: Social Network CEO: Sebastian Sobczak Web references: tsu  hootsuite  Op Talk NY Times  Ryan Holmes On August 8th, 2014, U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken had ruled that blocking NCAA athletes from a share of revenue generated from the use of player images was in violation of anti-trust… Read more »

Skyscanner Markets “Now” With Periscope

Paul   July 6, 2015

Title of Post: Skyscanner Markets “Now” With Periscope Organization Name: Skyscanner Industry: Travel/Web Search CEO: Gareth Williams Web references: skyscanner Periscope PeriscopeLearning A Video Blog (produced by P. Baumgartner)   Lessons for others: 1. Constantly scan for latest social media platforms. 2. Speed to market gets you secondary “buzz”, i.e. trade & media 3. Experiment, measure and learn. 4. Leverage your fans and supporters…. Read more »

Cadbury’s Fling with Social Media Measures Up To TV

Paul   July 1, 2015

Title of Post: Cadbury’s Fling With Social Media Measures Up To TV Organization Name: Mondelez International/Cadbury Industry: Confectionary/Packaged Food/Multi-Brand CEO: Irene Blecker Rosenfeld Web references: Mondelez International  Digital Training  E-Consultancy  Market Research Society UK  Can an organization demonstrate a return on social media investment? Mondelez International found the answer in their U.K. campaign to refresh product demand and increase top-line… Read more »

Food Cowboy Rescues Food from Supply Chain Waste

Paul   June 24, 2015

Title of Post: Food Cowboy Rescues Food from Supply Chain Waste Organization Name: Food Cowboy Industry: Technology & Feeding People President: Roger Gordon Web references: Food Cowboy  Feeding America  Food Policy U of M  World Food Day Food Cowboy is a tech company, a supply chain hub, a re-distributor, and most importantly; helps feed people. The Washington D.C. organization was… Read more »

giffgaff UK: A Case Study of Customer Co-creation

Paul   June 17, 2015

 Blog Title: giffgaff UK: A Case Study of Customer Co-creation Organisation Name: giffgaff (wholly owned by Telefonica/02) Industry: Mobile Network CEO: Mike Fairman Web References: giffgaff, Julie Walker, LSE Enterprise Co-creation, The Customer Blog, Giffgaff is a United Kingdom Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Commonly know as an “MVNO”, giffgaff does not own the wireless network infrastructure, but accesses the UK’s “O2” network through a… Read more »

Panasonic customers saw the light

Paul   June 9, 2015

Organization Name: Panasonic Corporation Industry: Electronics CEO: Kazuhiro Tsuga Web References: allBusiness Experts, Coschedule, Cut Out The Darkness, Panasonic Do you feel like buying something? Not just that cup of coffee, but how about buying the deeper satisfaction you get when you see an eco tag on the cup that contains the coffee? A connection is made at the emotional level. Companies want your… Read more »

To Engage Millennial Employees . . . start by asking them how!

Paul   June 3, 2015

Title: To engage Millennial Employees . . . start by asking them how! Organization Name: ATB Financial (Alberta Treasury Branches) Industry: Financial Services CEO: Dave Mowat Web references:,,,,,, Forbes Millennials. The tag itself evokes a sort of techy, future-is-now kind of generational brand. Loosely speaking, Millennials are a cohort of people born between 1981 and 1997 with a unique… Read more »