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How To Manage Big Data? Shokesu and Zyncro Could Tell Us How To Do It

olopezme   July 11, 2013

We must accept it. The way we communicate today is completely different from the way we did 10 years ago and this is due mainly to two reasons: The contemporary technological environment and the development of social networks. Gone are the days when people had to expected to inform the newspaper in the morning to read the scores games of… Read more »

Something Is Happening at Houlihan´s

olopezme   June 27, 2013

The goal of any restaurant should focus on convincing the customer that at your site is going to offer the best dining experience possible. It is essential to know how to persuade him to decide to choose a particular proposal before any other. Once successful, the first step has already been taken but it is necessary awaken interest, offer dishes… Read more »

Cisco Wants To Communicate With Their Customers

olopezme   June 13, 2013

If there is a company that knows communications, that company is CISCO. If there is a company that knows how to make that its other companies can interact quickly and efficiently with their customers, that company is CISCO. If there is a company that knows how to make people interact simultaneously with clients, colleagues, friends and family, that company is… Read more »

Volvo: Customer Loyalty In The Era Of Social Networks

olopezme   June 6, 2013

Volvo: Customer loyalty in the era of social networks In Business history, companies with a great prestige which have built their image with well designed and high-performance products have always existed. This is the case of the Swedish car fabricant Volvo, which has held all their reputation on two fundamental points: Safety and quality in their vehicles. Volvo was the… Read more »

Instructions Manual For Social Media?

olopezme   May 29, 2013

It is known to all that the use of social media by employees of a particular company can become so prevalent that even in working hours many people can spend some time reviewing some of the photos of your contacts, updating states or just to see who is online. This situation could be used to channeled in the generation of… Read more »